digizomb, n. [dijj-ih-zomb] A human being under the influence of mobile digital technology, with overexposure often resulting in a comatose, zombie-like state. DIGIZOMBS is a series of portraits that explores technology's effects on human interaction, inspired by our need for constant connection to handheld digital devices.   These images are an attempt to highlight, understand, poke fun at and cause introspection regarding our digital relationships. Each of us has been in public places, our head bowed to the glowing rectangle of handheld machine, existing in the human network, but interacting with the cloud—a sub-network usually devoid of any connection to the present, physical one. Total immersion in a closed circuit. Sometimes I look around and I notice them, the slow moving, non-responsive humans—heads down, laser-focused, fingers flitting in hopes of interaction—all the while surrounded by other humans. And all I can think is: DIGIZOMBS! Dan Wonderly 2015
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